European tour

August 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Our european tour starts pretty soon. We are goona go to some new places and some places where we´ve been already, and we are so excited…see you all soon!!!

28/08/2015 – D, Saarbrücken@Summa Cum Laude w/ Oaks
29/08/2015 – F, Dijon@Les Tanneries w/ Subordinate, War in my Head
30/08/2015 – F, Marseille@Le Bain Des Dames beach w/ Purple Bliss, Gruzterror, Cavalcade, Zbeb, Vinhaggorna
01/09/2015 – E, Zarautz@Zarauzko Gaztetxian w/ Social Crisis
02/09/2015 – E, Llodio@Orbeko Etxea w/ Social Crisis, Ancient Emblem
04/09/2015 – F, Monclar d´Armagnac@Les Poules w/ Fraude, Inky Poo
05/09/2015 – F, Soudan@La Rouille w/ Grinder Bueno, Mentally Murdered
06/09/2015 – UK, Worcester@The Pig and Drum w/ Soden, Rusty Knives
07/09/2015 – UK, Stourbridge@Scary Canary The Venue w/ New Alaska, The Dead at Sea
08/09/2015 – UK, Stoke on Trent@Tech Noir w/ Bleak Zero, Gringos
09/09/2015 – UK, Leeds@Chunk w/ Pink Rick, Mausoleion
10/09/2015 – UK, London@Rooz Studios w/ Yards, Ley Lines
11/09/2015 – D, Braunschweig@Nexus w/ Tiny Vessels, Moro
12/09/2015 – D, Hamburg@FS115 w/ Tiny Vessels, Moro
13/09/2015 – D, Potsdam@KuZe w/ Tiny Vessels, Moro


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